The next on my radar is ‘Fat Amy’ of Pitch Perfect and I feel short of words to express how excited I am to cover the successful weight loss story my favorite star.

So, Rebel Wilson, a name that falls into the category of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities is getting great attention lately.

Rebel Wilson weight Loss

This time, it’s not because of her performance, but because she is rocking and flaunting her killer physique with confidence everywhere.

Rebel has finally come out of her ‘Fat Amy’ zone and her nickname no longer goes with her appearance at all.


The 37 years old is an Australian actress who rose to fame for her role in the movie Bargain, however, the film series that helped her climb the highest level of stardom were Pitch Perfect.

Interestingly, the actress made her way to the top grade actresses with her performance in Pain and Gain, released in 2013.

No doubt, one can never dare to underestimate her acting skills and eccentric humor; however, the actress was often ridiculed for her larger frame and was subjected to body shaming on several counts.

Age: 37 years.
Height: 1.59m (5.2”)
Weight before transformation: 233lbs.
Weight loss: 35lbs


The witty actress was self-pushed to slim up because of her insecurities.

Even though, she felt that her career is going smooth, her fat image was coming in her way to get some significant roles.

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Apart from career, she personally felt that weight loss has become her need. She was disturbed by all the body shaming comments she gets to read through her social media accounts.

In addition to this, she wanted to be loved, and because she was overweight, people were only interested in making her a friend and not more than that.

Hence, the mix of all her insecurities and fear of being left alone shifted her to a healthy track.


Rebel Wilson weight loss was slow, but progressive. Her plan was to shift to a healthy lifestyle, which was her modus operandi of dealing with her concerns.

Her journey from the Fat Amy to a slimmer Rebel started in 2016.

Rebel Wilson in movies

She started with small steps as she was not in favor of doing something major through shortcuts.

Rebel’s consistency and eagerness were her assets which she duly made use of, throughout the course. At first, she lost some 7-8 pounds that acted as a motivation for the actress to uphold.

She then made a progress by losing 25 pounds in total. Within the eight months span, the Brynn on Bridesmaids made it by kicking off 35 pounds in total.

As an attempt to be an inspiration for women like her, Wilson used to post all about her progress and transformation on Instagram.

As expected, she received a massive support from her fans, which further fueled her motivation to change!


As said, she never favored shortcuts and so, chose to take a safer route.

Here are the details of what she planned and how things worked for the star.


Rebel Wilson workout was strenuous, but too rewarding. She would follow high intensity exercises for a couple of minutes that would create the much needed, meta-boosting effects for her.

Rebel Wilson training

Her determination of shaping herself could be judged by the fact that she joined Ranch 4.0 challenge, the most patience testing weight loss program that runs for 4 days.

The celebrity, after going through all the tough phases in the challenge, triumphed by shedding 8 straight lbs in the end.

Rebel Wilson also claims to use a weight loss pill by the name Garcinia Cambogia.

It is a famous diet brand that is also tried by many other celebrities.

The core purpose of adding the supplement into her weight loss regime was to overcome her uncontrollable food temptations and switch her body into a calorie busting mode.


The most challenging thing for the actress was to control her appetite and so, she focused on a diet that can help her with her shooting pangs.

Rebel Wilson diet was heavily based on fiber which is a proven content for generating satiety.

Fiber would help her stay full and she would then avoid feeding herself with the abundance of calories.

Interestingly, the choices she had for meeting her daily fiber intake were vegetables, whole grains, fruits and oatmeal. One more hack that pushed her more and more towards her targets was the intake of healthy fats as snack.

Healthy fats help to reduce the concentration of insulin which is quite a favorable state for weight loss.


The star’s slimmed physique has significantly added to her sex appeal.

Check out Rebel Wilson before and after photos for the evidence.

Rebel Wilson before and after weight loss

The actress has indeed, struggled really hard and is now enjoying the dividends!

Well, you deserve it girl!

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